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Learn to Illustrate Everything
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Course Compatibility: Toon Boom Animate

Interface Design Tutorial Using Flash - 6 Hours

Not too shabby artwork above, right? It was all illustrated entirely in Flash during this tutorial. Why Flash, and why not, say Photoshop? Well, it's no secret that the Flash Player has lost some popularity in recent years without iOS device support, but the program itself is still going strong with what it does best. And it does A LOT of things very well.

Flash is an excellent vector illustration tool (and let's not forget animation, game programming, and now App publishing ). So if you're looking to create an App or browser-based game in Flash, then naturally it makes sense to design in Flash as well. Plus because your graphics are vector based, they are resolution independent, meaning you can export them at any size without them pixellating. Which is also useful if you'll be exporting your images to PNG files at different resolutions to bring into other application development programs like XCode.

That's our "hard-sell" for using Flash for illustration. The soft-sell is simple: Flash is an EASY program to illustrate with. Arguably much simple than Adobe Illustrator for vector illustration. And you don't have to be an artist to draw in Flash. Everything above was done with a mouse.

The first five hours of this tutorial series cover illustration techniques, with some occasional animation. The final hour teaches basic setup and coding for possible buttons or interactivity within the interfaces: mostly simple buttons and rollover events to trigger animation. The examples use Actionscript 3.

Interface Design Tutorial Preview Image

This course is taught by Justin Dike, owner and lead developer at CartoonSmart.com

As always, this course includes all the source files the instructor uses.

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