Time Length of Course
Ultimate Actionscript 3 Basics

64 Hours of Flash Gaming Video Tutorials
Plus 18 Hours of BONUS Tutorials!

Course Compatibility: Adobe Illustrator CS5

Over 82 Hours of Actionscript Tutorials to jumpstart your career as an iOS or Android Developer!

Learn how to develop games with Actionscript 3 and export them to either iOS or Android. Flash CS5.5 and Flash CS6 can package your games for both devices (and of course, you can export them to AIR apps or simply run them within a web browser).

CartoonSmart's Gaming Bundle Package includes ALL of our previous Actionscript 3 (and 2) tutorials, each with lengthy tutorial videos and plenty of source files. You can easily continue building these projects to create your own games, or use what you learned from the training to create entirely new style games.

The best part, sold separate these tutorials retail normally for over
$300, but this exclusive package for EDU Mobile Members is only $77.

Actionscript 3 Side Scroller Game Tutorial

Mobile Actionscript 3 Basics (for iOS or Android)

Actionscript 3 Pinball Tutorial

Actionscript 3 Sling Shot Games Tutorial  Actionscript 3 Sling Shot Games Tutorial

Actionscript 3 Tank Games Tutorial

Actionscript 3 Dart Games Tutorial

Actionscript 3 Block Drop Tutorial

Actionscript 3 "Asteroids" Dodge Tutorial

 Actionscript 3 Missile War Game Tutorial

Actionscript 2 Basic Gaming Tutorial

Actionscript 2 Classic Gaming Tutorial

Actionscript 2 Isometric Role Playing Game Tutorial

Actionscript 2 Games of Chance Tutorials

Actionscript 2 "Battleship" Board Game Tutorial

Free Bonus Tutorial

Free Bonus Tutorial

Free Bonus Tutorial

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