How much does a few college credits cost nowadays? $1000? $1500?

Some of you can probably answer that, and know that compared to just a few college credits, this package is an amazing deal. You will get over 500 hours of tutorials, along with art, starter kits, books and more for only $500.

For far less than the price of just one college class, you'll get the equivalent of a 4-year college education.

Every book, every tutorial, every kit, every bit of royalty-free art.

This hard drive is the master archive of all CartoonSmart tutorials ever created. This includes older items that aren't even for sale anymore, and possibly even new items that haven't been released.

Copied to your hard drive is the same folder the owner of CartoonSmart uses to maintain his collection of everything. You'll find plenty of keepsakes from yester-years.

New products for one year.

Bulk buyers receive new tutorials or products for an entire year after their purchase. Yup, you're a VIP in our book.

Like any of our customers, if you need to download a product you've purchased, you can do so through Payloadz, our delivery service. So if one day your dog eats your hard drive, you can simply request download links instead.

Over 500 hours of training on a gorgeous 500gb hard drive. Plus our Starter Kits, eBooks, and Art Templates

$500 plus $10 for USPS Priority Mail shipping will be added to all orders. Tracking is included.

More details. Discount coupons can not be used on the bulk deal, as this is already deeply discounted. Your hard drive will have around 300gb of space leftover and be formatted for both a Mac or PC. You are welcome to copy the contents of the drive to your computer or another drive (for backup purposes only). Typically we ship Toshiba Canvio hard drives, in packages slim enough to fit in residential postal boxes. Your hard drive will look nearly identical to the pictures on this page, lovingly hugged by the CartoonSmart logo. If you would like a couple extra high quality CartoonSmart stickers, please let us know. These stickers have a UV resistant coating and do not fade in the sun (we know).