Philosophy & History...

CartoonSmart was started back in 2004 by Justin Dike to teach people how to use Flash. Prior to that Justin was an Animation Director and held training sessions to get new recruits up to speed on how to use Flash for animation and illustration. Naturally, those were CartoonSmart's first topics. One course lead to another, we added Flash game programming tutorials, web design lessons, then cut to many years later, and we teach just about everything under the sun (and still lovingly teach Flash).

The name "Cartoon Smart" originally meant "smart with cartoons", but it's now taken on a slightly different meaning as we've branched out the site into so many new areas, many of which are programming related. Today it implies two topics of study that should (ideally) converge: "arts" and "smarts". A programmer with some great art to use is a killer combination. And so is an artist or animator with moderate programming skills. Our philosophy is that a little learning in the right topic can make a huge difference in a portofilio, application, game, web design, job interview, or monthly income.

If you learn more, you can earn more. And what we sell is not expensive.

What we create...

We've reorganized the entire website into broader topics to help new visitors get a better idea of what it is that CartoonSmart creates (and where to find those things). From the top menu you will find the following topics...

  • 2D Illustration Tutorials.

  • 3D Modelling and Animation Tutorials.

  • Books or iBooks. Actually, Apple prefers the term Multi-Touch eBooks.

  • Code Tutorials covering HTML5, Actionscript 3, iOS, Cocos2d and much more.

  • Starter Kits to quickly help you build Apps without all the fuss of starting from scratch.

  • Animation and Motion Production Tutorials.

  • Art or better put, Royalty-Free Art.